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Wardrobe Essentials: Timeless Pieces Everyone Should Invest In

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

When going to get dressed each day, there are some pieces that we automatically go to grab like a basic white tank top or good pair of jeans. There are some pieces that everyone should invest in that would elevate every outfit, like a good blazer or neutral-toned bag. These pieces are ones that should be of high quality so that they last a very long time and look better with age! These are the pieces that I think everyone should have to make getting dressed easier, as they'll go with everything and can be worn again and again.



Throughout Europe, in places like Copenhagen and Paris, blazers are worn very regularly with jeans or tapered pants! The black blazer I've chosen is designed by New York brand Theory, they make a variety of blazers but I find that if you check secondhand sites like Vestiaire Collective and Depop, you'll find Theory blazers or blazers from other popular brands in fantastic condition for much cheaper prices (I've scoured both sites and found quite a few myself). I would suggest looking for a blazer in black, grey, or a check pattern as they seem to be most popular and versatile.

Style Tip:

I would style a blazer with a basic mini dress underneath or with some jeans and a sweater in winter. Also, make sure to size up for a more oversized fit if the blazer is a 'slim-fit' design.


White Cotton Shirt

A staple that everyone owns and I actually bought last week, a crisp white cotton shirt goes with everything. What I love about these types of shirts is that you can just put them over literally anything (even to avoid the harsh sun). When I went on holiday a few weeks ago, oversized cotton shirts are all I wore over dresses, swimmers, with skirts etc; they are so versatile. They are also very relaxed which makes them great for a vacation or warm day. Influencer Matilda Djerf has designed the perfect white button-up shirt which is made from organic cotton imported from Turkey; organic cotton requires 91% less energy and water than normal cotton to produce and is a sustainable material.

Style Tip:

In winter I would wear my shirt with jeans and a knit top, but in summer I would wear mine with a mini dress or floral skirt! The best part about white is that it goes with absolutely anything, just be careful of stains!


Cashmere Sweater

Of all fabrics, Cashmere is the most luxurious and definitely the softest even for those who are sensitive to itch. Cashmere should be sustainably sourced when bought, and the best cashmere sweaters should be 100% cashmere rather than a blend that includes cheap, unsustainable or itchy fabrics. If you like the design of a blended sweater then I would suggest that it only be wool/cashmere or cotton/cashmere as fabrics like alpaca and mohair are itchy, whilst acrylic, polyester and polyamide are bad for the environment and create poorly made sweaters. Some of the best brands I've found that create cashmere sweaters are N.Peal, Iris & Ink, Loulou Studios and Tricot Paris. The sweater Jeanne Damas wears in the photo below under her blazer is a recycled cashmere sweater from Tricot Paris.

Style Tip: My favourite way to wear a cashmere sweater is underneath a blazer or coat in winter but if it's not too cold then just over a plain tank top!


White Tee

No matter where you live or what your style is like, a basic white tee is an absolute essential in every wardrobe. It can be worn by itself in summer/spring or layered over in the colder parts of the year, whether you purchase a fitted tee or looser tee is completely up to you. Your white tee should last a few years in your wardrobe and should be bought from a good quality sustainable brand like 'Arnsdorf' from Australia who can tell you exactly who made your t-shirt. You can find some other good quality tees from Bassike or Jac+Jack!

Style Tip:

I love to wear a fitted white tee with long or loose pants but a loose fit white tee looks great with skirts or jeans!


Black Mini Dress

Originally designed and popularised by designer Coco Chanel in 1926, the little black dress is now a wardrobe essential for both day and night. The little black dress was created to act as a versatile piece that could be worn on many occasions, many different brands now create their version of the LBD. I've chosen this dress by Realisation, a dress brand by two Australian designers that have been extremely popular in the US, UK, Australia and in France, model Hailey Bieber actually owns the dress in a few colours. FOr more black dress recommendations check out my other post here!

Style Tip: I would suggest buying your LBD in silk for formal occasions but if you're looking for something more casual I would only buy organic cotton!


Quality Pair of Jeans

No matter which type or shape you like most, everyone should have a quality pair of jeans; they're so versatile and there are many brands available that create jeans from organic cotton and elastane making them so comfortable and soft you wouldn't even believe they're jeans. Denim jeans are another piece that should get better with age and wear, they should be able to be worn for years and years with a variety of other items. I think that if you buy one or two pairs of expensive (but quality) pairs of sustainable jeans you'll be satisfied for years to come. Some of the best denim brands that have organic cotton jeans available are Ganni, Reformation, FRAME and Totême Jeans.

Style Tip: I would suggest that when purchasing jeans you avoid any heavy rips or extremely baggy, as when you're older you might find that you don't like wearing them as much or that they are out of trend!


I hope that you found this article helpful and remember it when looking for your next pieces. If you're interested in seeing an article about wardrobe essentials for shoes and accessories then let me know in the comments or chat box!

Sienna xx

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