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The Winter Staples that I Can’t Wait to Wear

My favourite time to get dressed is in winter when it is so cold that you can layer up in thick soft sweaters and scarves; I also happen to think that it is the easiest time of year to get dressed. These are some of the staples that I can't wait to wear during winter!


Wool Scarves

I find that finishing off an outfit by putting on a soft scarf before you step out into the cold is quite satisfying, this H&M one is premium wool but has an affordable price; the cream colour goes with everything!


A Warm Merino Cardigan

I absolutely love cardigans, and I found this merino wool cardigan at Viktoria and Woods that is super soft and is also the perfect layering piece. The shape and fit are perfect and better yet, it comes in numerous colours!


Tailored Pants

One trend that I am seeing everywhere are tailored pants, and I am more than happy to tag along. I think that when buying tailored pants, you can't be too loose or your figure will drown in them.


Ribbed Cotton Tops

Everyone needs some basic ribbed tops to layer with or wear with their favourite pants, and this top looks perfect to me! Black goes with everything, and it's perfect for winter to wear underneath your chunky sweaters or coats.


Coats, coats, and more coats

The ultimate layering pieces for winter and an all-around lifesaver in the cold are coats, the perfect coat will go with every single outfit you put on in the cold weather, it should be durable, versatile, and most of all, cosy! This one from H&M is a great, looser shape that comes in a variety of neutral shades.


Split Hem Pants

Right now, I am loving split pants because they are flattering yet perfect for shorter people because these pants split just over your shoes. These First Muse pants are my favourites right now; they have some stretch but they have the perfect length and flare at the bottom.


Mock Neck Tops

I think that sometimes, mock neck tops can add a subtle flair to outfits, but they are also really popular I've seen on Instagram and in movies (especially the Hallmark ones I have been binging). This Ted Baker one is the perfect staple piece, and it comes in black and navy too; the fit is great to wear with some loose or straight-leg pants.


Oversized Turtleneck Sweaters

All over Instagram, and especially on @amaliemoosgard 's page, I have seen many soft-looking turtleneck sweaters. & Other Stories has some great options, (and the one I'm about to show you is cashmere) just be careful to check the materials so that you don't grab an itchy sweater. Personally, for these turtleneck sweaters, I feel they look best a bit oversized!


These are some of the staples I cannot wait to wear, and that would make great additions to any closet. I'd love to pair any of these with a brown leather bag and white sneakers, but a bright coloured bag would look great to add a pop of colour.

Sienna x
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