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Split Hem Pants Are All the Rage: Here are 5 Different Ways to Style Yours

I'm a huge fan of split pants, they are the perfect way for a shorter person like me to wear long pants and still look cool. I have been seeing people everywhere wearing them with chunky knits, and I love that relaxed look.


These are 5 different ways to style them!

Here, Rosie Huntington-Whitely pairs her black split pants with matching heels and a bag, alongside the perfect beige trench coat. Very Parisian yet very easy.


The easiest but comfiest look of all, here some black split pants are paired with an oversized cable knit sweater; this contrasts nicely to both the slim fit and dark colour of the pants. This outfit would be perfect for a day at home, or add a coat to accessorise and go shopping!


Here again, Rosie is wearing the same pants but this time with a white blazer and black strappy heels for the perfect evening look!


@fakerstrom 's split pant outfit is perfect for a casual day. I love the way she has paired them with sneakers, a mini bag, and some thin layers to stay warm. The grey collared knit is perfect with the pants.


Another perfect look from Rosie, she goes all grey in a split pant blazer set with a cropped knit sweater and white heels to accessorise.


I totally love my pair of black split pants, and I love these other outfits that I've seen. I hope you find a great pair too.

Sienna x

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