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NO TIME TO DIE: Recreating the Best Fashion Moments

I'm a huge fan of the James Bond movies, and I've recently watched the new release (No Time to Die); I really liked it! But there are some very stylish outfits displayed throughout the movie that I loved and would like to help you recreate! But I also have to mention my favourite from other films!

The Rouje Gabin Dress

The dress that every girl wants, and is sold out constantly, the Gabin dress by Rouje Paris is very popular and the first dress of the movie worn by Lea Seydoux (Dr Madeline Swann). The way. it was paired with the beautiful TOD'S bucket bag (white leather with brown leather accents) is subtle yet very chic.

Below I've recreated the outfit using quality pieces from my favourite brands!

The Massimo Dutti Dress

As James and Madeline flee from their hotel, Madeline wears the perfect white spring dress. It is now a sold-out style but there are few variations still available; she is still sporting the beautiful TOD'S bag.

I've found a few similar styles for this dress below!

Madeline's Parisian Work Attire

I think that Madeline's office outfit represents classic Parisian style; I love the trench coat over the black ribbed dress along with black patent heels.

There are some great options below to match this easy outfit.

My Favourite Outfits From Previous Films

Casino Royale - Vesper Lynd & Quantum of Solace - Camille Montes

My favourite Bond film has to be Casino Royale, I loved Vesper's character and her classic Parisian style. Below I've left some of my favourite outfits showcased throughout the movie.

I hope that you loved these outfit recreations from NO TIME TO DIE, I'm a huge fan of the Bond movies and especially the fashion choices made over the years.


Sienna xx

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