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If I Had $2000 To Spend This is What I Would Buy: My Sustainable Recommendations

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Everyone has a long imaginary wishlist that they constantly think about, things they wish they could buy but seem a little overpriced or out of budget. Sometimes, we just want someone to hand us about $2000 to go and buy whatever we've been thinking of; these are the luxury items I would buy (and fingers crossed will have one day in the future). Speaking of the future, all of these items are sustainable and will last forever.

Tory Burch Monogram Jacquard Mini Bucket Bag $710 AUD
Tory Burch Bucket Bag

Starting off strong with a beautiful bag, this is probably one of the first pieces I would buy. I've seen bucket bags making quite a big comeback and Tory Burch has such a good range of bags that are less pricey than other luxury brands I've seen. I think that the navy and brown colours of the bag would go with everything else in my closet!

Djerf Avenue Breezy Shirt White $179 AUD
Djerf Avenue Breezy Shirt White

A classic piece and staple that everyone should have in their closet, Matilda Djerf has designed the ultimate white collared button-up perfect for pants, jeans, skirts and even over dresses. My favourite part about it is that the top is made from organic cotton.

& Other Stories Cashmere Ribbed Scarf $208 AUD
& Other Stories Cashmere Scarf

Everyone needs a quality cashmere scarf because they are the perfect accessory for any winter outfit. This & Other Stories design is perfect, and I love the ribbed design; the only trouble I'm having is deciding whether I'd prefer white or grey colour more!

Arnsdorf Organic Fitted Rib Tee $129 AUD
Arsndorf Grey Ribbed Tee

I've just found the absolute best tee from Arnsdorf (available in many colours), it is made using organic cotton and has a ribbed design that allows for stretch and comfort. Arnsdorf tees have some great reviews and it's hard to find a good tee shirt in this type of grey colour. If you're looking for a cheaper version of this tee, I'd suggest the Cotton On one here, but this tee has great reviews. Arnsdorf has a lot of other great staples too so make sure to check them out when you're looking.

Djerf Avenue Favourite Pants Grey $219 AUD
Djerf Avenue Favourite Pant Grey

Aside from Djerf Avenue's crisp white top, I'd definitely get these pants for wintertime. I think that it's really difficult to find a well-fitting pair of pants, let alone find a sustainable pair; these pants are made mainly from recycled polyester which comes from plastic bottles. The Favourite Pant is also available in black and has a longer version for taller people. Even though I don't expect to receive $2000 cash anytime soon, I will most likely be buying these pants once they restock.

Soft Goat Boyfriend Turtleneck Cashmere Sweater $452 AUD
Soft Goat Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater

As I have previously stated, I believe cashmere pieces are worthy investments. Cashmere lasts a long time and is a high-quality fabric that will not itch even the most sensitive people. I've seen quite a few people on Instagram wearing this SOFT GOAT sweater and it looks amazing, turtlenecks are extremely popular in Europe during winter it seems and the oversized design of the sweater allows for lots of layering underneath.

Viktoria & Woods Milo Tank $100
Viktoria and Woods Milo Top White

I'm happy to say that this staple piece from Viktoria & Woods is made from organic cotton because it offers something different to a regular tank but could still be worn with everything else in my closet. If you're a fan of one-shouldered tops, I think this would be a good buy.


And... the total comes to = $1997

These are the items that I would most certainly buy if given $2000 to spend on a shopping spree. They are all pieces that can be used/worn time and time again without ever becoming dated. I think I'll keep my $3 change for next time.

I hope you enjoyed this new blog post, make sure to leave a comment saying what you'd like to read next.

Sienna xx

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