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How to Create the Perfect Wardrobe: Inspired by Parisian Fashion

When it comes to fashion, I think Parisians do it best, so classic and feminine whilst looking constantly effortless. Today I'm going to share a simple guide on how to collate your perfect Parisian wardrobe. And don't worry, when people say Parisians never wear colour, they're totally wrong! I think that French fashion focuses on gathering capsule pieces that can be worn over and over and then adding some pieces that may be unique to your style.

Classic French Pieces

Blazers and Trench Coats

All over Parisian Instagrams, I see trench coats in spring but blazers are truly everywhere. The blazer seems to be essential for a Parisian wardrobe, they can be worn over dresses, pants and jeans, which is how influencer and owner of 'Rouje' Jeanne Damas wears hers here. If Parisians were only allowed two outerwear pieces, I wholeheartedly believe they would be a blazer and a trench coat.


Chunky Cardigans

My personal favourite Parisian trend, chunky, cropped and colourful cardigans are worn by Parisian style muses all over France, especially store founders Sabina Socol and Jeanne Damas. I love putting cardigans over floral dresses and basic singlets in cooler weather, they're feminine and unique. Over winter time, the French also love to collect thickly knitted sweaters (roll-necks are becoming quite popular).


Silk Gowns

The perfect piece to wear on a special occasion or night out, silk gowns are classy and elegant, perfect for a special event. You'll find lots of silk dresses/gowns at Hansen & Gretal

Silk gowns are perfect for the evening, but throughout summer, Parisians make the switch to lightweight floral dresses and wrap dresses to match their kitten heels.


Cigarette and Kick-Flare Jeans

A classic staple for Parisian women and one piece you always see them wearing is a cigarette or kick-flare jean that they've probably been wearing for years and years. A go-to outfit for french women is their jeans matched with ballet flats or boots and a blazer over the top. The best brand jeans I've found so far are Rag & Bone and Mother Denim, they have some options for cigarette/kick-flare jeans.



In Paris, it's almost always boots weather, tall or short, Parisian women always have a pair (or five pairs) of boots in their closet. Leather boots can be worn with dresses, jeans, skirts, you name it. If you want to accessorise like a true Parisian, I've written an article on the few pairs of shoes you'll need to complete every outfit here! I think you'll find that generally Parisians like to wear an above ankle boot or knee-high boot, especially in winter.


Leather Bags and Basket Bags

My favourite accessories to look at are leather bags, I feel like the bag you choose says a lot about you; once you choose the perfect bag you can have it forever (it's a total investment). Although, throughout spring and summer I have seen many Parisians switching to various types of basket/crochet bags. There are lots of different basket bags options at Oroton that are definitely worth checking out. When choosing a bag, it's important to pick a colour that you can see yourself wearing over and over; I personally love natural (brown) coloured bags, you can find my favourites here!

Other Tips
  • Parisians love to accessorise outfits with a red lip, red is worn quite often alongside black and white clothing.

  • Before worrying about accessories, the French focus on finding basics/staple pieces like a good quality white tank or t-shirt.

  • Parisians don't actually take too long to choose their clothing, founder of Rouje Paris - Jeanne Damas said that French women actually do dress quite effortlessly (it is the way they wear it that is so inspiring)

  • Shapes and dynamics is the top thing that can make or break an outfit. I would suggest avoiding completely tight outfits or extremely oversized outfits - there needs to be some level of contrast.


I hope this blog post helps you to gain your Parisian style, or remember some tips for when you next visit your favourite boutique.

Sienna xx

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