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Creating Your Capsule Wardrobe: Shoes & Accessories

As part of the capsule wardrobe series, the final part is collating your shoes and accessories. Many say that an accessory can change the whole outfit and they're absolutely right!


Accessories can change that style and the occasion of any outfit depending on the bag, or the jewellery. I won't talk about jewellery too much because they are more personal pieces that are usually gifted.

Everyone needs:

- Leather shoulder bag (any colour you can see yourself wearing over and over)

Be prepared to wear it with every outfit!

- Black/navy sunglasses (they match any outfit)

- Cashmere scarf & beanie (these are an investment for the winter season, and choosing cashmere means you will have them for a long time)


When it comes to shoes, they bring the whole outfit together, do you choose flats, boots, heels? I'm going to try and help you manage.

For casual days everyone should have a good pair of:

- Plain white sneakers

I would suggest choosing leather ones so that you can walk around in them all day; I've previously owned all of these sneakers and they are great.

- Leather flats (neutral or black colours)

- Ballet flats

For any special events, everyone should have:

- Black ankle boots

- Knee-high boots

- Small heels (black or white)

I think that lower heels can be dressed up or down (and they don't hurt your feet as much either)


I hope that you enjoyed the last installment of the capsule wardrobe series, and it helped you to shop and dress more sustainably or affordably - even if you own some of these pieces in different colours, there's no need to purchase in the colour suggested if you already own something you wear all the time.

Sienna xx
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