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Children's Fiction: New Adventures Your Kids Will Love

I've listed my favourite kids books down below in case you're looking for a new adventure for you or your children. You can buy any of these books at the attached links from Amazon (at quite low prices, and very fast shipping). My favourite thing about this list is that children over many generations have shown love to these stories.


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Left to right: Charlotte's Web, Heidi, Peter Pan, Anne of Green Gables, The Wizard of Oz, Friday Barnes - Girl Detective


Charlotte's Web

A classic and fun yet simple tale for children of any age. This promising story shows good morals relating to friendship and kindness. It's a fascinating tale of a pig and a spider that will suit all interests.



This book is full of surprises, and adventures around friendship. The scenery created in the Swiss alps is intriguing and would be a great book for children eleven years or older.


Peter Pan

One of my favourites, Peter Pan is a classic that I could read over and over. The tales of Hook, the Lost Boys, Peter and Wendy, intrigue the reader till the very end (which is quite different to the movies). I'd suggest this book to children eleven years and older.


Anne Of Green Gables

This story has such vivid imagery that it creates the most detailed picture of lovely cottages and field in your head. Anne is adventurous and is loved by every character, although my personal favourite was her Uncle Matthew. I'd suggest any child twelve years or older read this as it may not capture younger children's attention at first.


The Wizard Of Oz

My absolute favourite classic tale, is full of captivating adventures and heartwarming characters that work together until the very end. I'm dying to read the next story in the series, but this one has enough twists and turns to last a long time. I'd happily recommend it to anyone nine years or older.


Friday Barnes: Girl Detective

This is my absolute favourite series. It has comedic language, interesting characters, and stories of mysterious cases that never get old. Each book is unique and only gets better and better, I'm still learning new vocabulary from it too.


I hope you enjoyed this mini list, and if you purchased any books from these links, I hope you or you're children enjoyed them.

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