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Building Your Capsule Wardrobe: Bottoms

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Hello again, I hope that last week's article on creating your capsule wardrobe helped but this week we are moving onto pants, shorts, and skirts! I have personally always struggled to find pants that I really like, but lately, I've had some luck in finding the perfect pairs for my outfits.

Pants + Jeans

Not all jeans have to be uncomfortable and lacklustre, sometimes they are the perfect part of an outfit; they are reliable and can be worn over and over and over.

For pants and jeans, it's important to have:

- Black slim/straight fit pants

- White slim/straight fit pants

- Slim fit denim jeans (high rise is always a good idea)

- Straight fit denim jeans

Tip: When choosing denim jeans, they're an investment! You must always choose good quality stretch denim, now they may be expensive but if you choose the right pair, you'll get to wear them for the next 5 years (if not more!)

Some brands with great quality jeans are Rag & Bone, Mother Denim, GRLFRND, and Citizens of Humanity.

Make sure any jeans that you buy have some elastane in them so that they have some give and stretch to them.

Shorts & Skirts

In the summertime, or on warm autumn spring days, sometimes you just need a cute skirt or some comfy shorts!

I think that these items are essentials:

- Denim Shorts (not too many rips)

- Knit Shorts (make sure to choose a long-lasting fabric)

- Denim Skirt (once again, choose good quality denim)

Knit shorts are perfect if you're just lounging around on a warm day, but denim can be worn with anything when you are heading out! I know that Mother denim is a good brand with great quality products as well as ONE TEASPOON (whose shorts I've had forever). I actually just purchased these Rue Stiic shorts today!

Next week i'll be showing you how to create you capsule wardrobe for accessories and shoes! I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Feel free to subscribe or share
Sienna x
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