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The Humble Black Dress: Worn and Loved by Fashion Icons

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

If there is one piece that every woman should invest in, it is a black dress; simple in colour but not in design or style. A black dress is the perfect piece for any event, and you can accessorise it however you like; just take some inspiration from style icons below. I've also found 7 great options for you - all eco-friendly.

"One is never overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress" - Karl Lagerfield

1. Shona Joy Thalia Bias Ruched Midi Dress

2. Venroy Silk Wrap Mini Dress

3. Venroy Bias Tie Back Dress

4. Bassike Gather Detail Poplin Dress

5. Realisation Allegra Black

6. Sir the Label Ava Strapless Dress

7. Realisation Roxy Dress Black


I think it's important to choose a dress that has some shape to it, so that it flatters your body and also stands the test of time; avoid choose very low-cut pieces or dresses with cut outs, because they will not remain stylish forever.

If you need any help accessorising your black dress, or any other all-black outfit, then check out my short video here for some help!

Thanks for reading, Sienna xx

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