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5 Ways to Style Your Favourite Blazer

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Blazers are a staple, they're a piece that everyone owns, including many famous fashion models and European style influencers. You can generally wear blazers any time of the year, quite a few brands have chosen to design summer blazers specifically for when it's warmer weather. But if you're stuck on the inspiration for how to style your blazer (or blazers, because who says that you should just have one), then this post is for you! I think that a blazer really helps to dress up any outfit, so it's no wonder that every fashion icon has one (or two) as part of their closet.


1. Kaia Gerber wears a longline blazer to match her slim fitting little black dress from Realisation Par! She also pairs it with some black and white converse high tops (not pictured). I love wearing a light blazer over a mini dress or playsuit during the autumn/spring seasons. I think that this Reformation blazer must be good, aside from being sustainable, it's sold out in every size and colour.


2. Elsa Hosk wears an oversized blazer during the colder seasons to allow layering for a cosy sweater, she pairs it with some loose leg jeans and blue Nike sneakers. One of the greatest ways to layer a blazer over winter is with a chunky knit, just make sure to get your blazer a bit oversized to allow for movement. Another great way to style this blazer from Iris & Ink would be with the matching suit pants.


3. A cotton blazer is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe, here Hailey Bieber pairs hers with denim shorts, and a matching bag and boots. For summer, it's great to have something light and oversized to wear over everything, a neutral-coloured boxy blazer. Take note that Hailey's blazer comes lower than her shorts for a relaxed look.


4. My favourite outfit of the day, here Matilda Djerf looks perfectly Parisian in a check blazer, straight leg jeans, and shimmering boots. A simple outfit to put together, perfect for any cool day is a blazer, jeans and some boots. I've seen Jeanne Damas wear that outfit formula time and time again, like I said in my previous post about Wardrobe Essentials , blazers are very popular in Paris and Copenhagen.


5. One of the easiest ways to wear a blazer, when it's cold and you're already comfortable, just take a note from Elsa Hosk's book and pair your blazer with a matching tracksuit and some sneakers. It's a great way to wear an oversized blazer and look effortlessly dressed at the same time - this blazer from Fillipa K comes in a few colours, just make sure to size up!


I hope that this blog inspired you to invest in a good quality blazer or helped you find new ways to wear the one sitting in your wardrobe. I recently invested in a wool check blazer that I cannot wait to wear during winter, perhaps over a sweater with some jeans. Before spending hundereds of dollars on a blazer, see if you can find one from a quality brand secondhand.

Sienna xx

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