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5 Tips to Help You Create a Stylish Outfit Every Time

When it comes to creating an outfit that is unique, creative and balanced, it's all about dynamics. There are certain 'rules' or tips that can guide you to help make every outfit different yet perfect. You can make a great outfit from any clothes, although, it's important to remember that if you plan to buy something new - it should be a piece made from quality materials that last a lifetime (or at least a few decades). Sometimes it's not about fashion, it's about style!

1. Loose VS Fitted

The easiest way to diversify an outfit is to make sure that one element (either the pants or top) is a loose or straight fit, whilst the other half is a tighter or more fitted design. Overall, this formula helps to accentuate the figure, especially at the waistline/hips. and creates dynamics in the outfit. Another easy way to create this loose/tight contrast is with a belt - a loose-fitting dress can be worn with a belt to help bring shape to the outfit. Check out my video here on how to add dynamics using shape in outifts.

2. Colour Palettes

When creating your outfit, it's best to choose colours that are on the same scale. There are autumn/winter colours which include greys, navy, black, brown, red, and summer/spring colours which include pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, and white. Colours that are neutral such as brown and white look great throughout any season. Combining colours from the same palette works best, I often find that bright hues and dark colours don't work best together e.g. black and pink. I would rather choose pink and white, or black and red. Black is an intense colour that works best with other shades like grey and white, but neutrals like brown can be worn with a light yellow or red and still look stylish. Although, it's not to say I don't love wearing colour throughout winter!

3. Mixing Different Lengths

One of the easiest ways to make sure that your outfit looks amazing is to use the lengths of your clothes accordingly. What I mean is that if you were to wear a pair of cropped pants or above ankle pants, and had the option to wear either sneakers or flats with them - the flats would be the better option. When wearing cropped pants and sneakers (that aren't flat) your leg can look short or chunky, I find that a longer length pant leg looks best with sneakers.

4. Accessorising to Elevate

If you plan to wear an all-black outfit or all-white outfit and don't want to look too boring, then the best way to elevate the outfit is through accessorising. Sometimes, if an outfit is full of colour or uniquely shaped items, it's best to be minimal in accessories, but with a neutral-toned outfit, you can go all out. When wearing monochromatic outfits, I like to add gold jewellery, and neutral-toned bags and shoes. You can check out my video here on how to best style monochromatic outfits!

5. The Sandwich Rule

The Sandwich Rule is a guide to help with styling different shapes and colours if you're having trouble preparing an outfit. With a sandwich there is the top made of bread, the filling and then the bottom piece of bread. The sandwich rule tells use that we should match the top piece in the outfit to the bottom piece. An example of this would be a grey scarf, black jumper, and grey pants. We have the black as the filling and the grey pieces as the bread!


I hope this post helps you with your outfit selection!

Thanks for reading, Sienna xx

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