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5 Superior Styling Tips from Elsa Hosk

Elsa Hosk is an international style icon with very unique yet very cool style. I am always in love with the outfits she posts on her Instagram - as well as some of the beautiful pieces that she incorporates into her outfit ideas. After looking at many of her previous outfits, I have discovered five key wardrobe pieces that she wears over and over to create such cool looks.

To see how I style these five items, check out my short Instagram reel here!


Oversized Blazers are the Perfect Accessory

Oversized blazers are one of the most popular items right now because of their extreme versatility and cool girl vibe. Elsa Hosk has a large collection of oversized blazers in different colours to put over all of her outfits; they are perfect for when the weather is a bit cool, and you need something to wear over your outfit. I've actually started a small collection of blazers myself since they are such a timeless, easy-to-wear piece. If you need any tips on how to style your blazer, you can check out my quick-read post here.


Denim Pieces are an Investment

I strongly believe that a good pair of jeans will last you a very, very long time - and it seems that Elsa Hosk would agree because she often wears blue denim jackets, jeans, and shorts. Denim is a very versatile material that goes with everything, it can also be dressed up or down depending on the occasion; there are so many different styles and fits for jeans. It is important to try jeans on before buying because they often look completely different on you compared to models. I would also suggest buying a pair with some elastane in them for a good stretch!

Great denim brands include:

- Mother Denim

- Rag & Bone

- Dr Denim

- Ksubi

- Nobody Jeans


When in Doubt, Wear a Matching Set

Sometimes there are days when you just can't pick something to wear, which is why it is so important to keep matching sets in your wardrobe. When in doubt, just put one on and add some cool accessories; you can follow Elsa's example and leave your hair out too for a casual look. Matching sets really do make the coolest, most effortless outfits.


Button-Up Shirts Can Be Worn Over Anything

A crisp button-up cotton shirt is the perfect summer item, they are light and airy, as well as easy to style over small tank tops. Elsa Hosk pairs hers with denim pieces and a cute cap for the perfect summer's day look. You can either wear yours buttoned up or over another top!

There are some great button-up shirts at Sportsgirl and Ralph Polo Lauren!


Strapless is the Way to Go

Much like Elsa, I am a huge advocate for strapless tops; they are my personal favourite! I love how easy they are to wear, and the flattering fit they give. Elsa wears her with a matching skirt, or loose suit pants - items that contrast well to the fitted top. Many brands are producing strapless tops due to their popularity; the strapless tops Elsa is wearing in the second and third photos are from Australian brand Lioness.


When it comes to fashion and daring outfits, I often look to Elsa Hosk for inspiration - she always looks so great. I hope that these fashion tips help you in creating some very cool outfits using timeless pieces.

Sienna xx

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